Underwater Sessions – Joaquin Mastrand

Underwater Sessions

By: Joaquin Mastrand

Trash the dress is probably seen as destroying the dress of your dreams in which you spent some time searching, but it can be also seen as a once in a time experience for the newlyweds. Trash The Dress The Experience is a magical moment where you and your recent husband can share intimate moments in magical places in Riviera Maya as an unforgettable experience where just the two of you you can finally relax without the stress of the wedding day.

Riviera Maya has unique places we have to take advantage of and Cenotes (sinkholes) in the middle of the jungle are one of them. It will be a great experience in a hole of transparent and turquoise fresh groundwater.

How does the Underwater sesion works? It starts with an early morning pick up (around 7am) from your hotel to catch the best light and also to avoid the crowds. We will head to a beautiful and peaceful freshwater hole located in the jungle approximately 1 hour from your hotel. Before going into the water we will have some pictures taken into the jungle that way we can release the tension and feel comfortable once we get into the water. Once into the water, we will spend some time creating the best artistic memories for you. The experience is not done yet because on the way back we will stop in one of the most beautiful beaches of the region to include some Caribbean background to your experience. You will be provided with water, cereal bars, and fruit, we recommend you to eat a light breakfast before leaving the resort as the experience lasts between three to four hours.

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